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Instructions for direct linking to the MOM and specific MOM documents (Updated 10/28/2013):

Please note that that using a link copy and pasted from a browser address bar of an open MOM document will not work and will always send you to the authentication page (e-pass) for the MOM system. If you wish to direct link to a document, please follow the instructions below. In general, we recommend you do not direct link to the MOM or specific MOM documents because we cannot guarantee that those links won’t change in the future as the system is modified or changed. Since we don’t have control over who sets up a direct link, it could be problematic trying to notify people when or if they changed.

That said, here are instructions on setting up direct links. Also, we will update these instructions if the direct linking methodology changes. If you find your links aren’t working, check this page first to make sure things haven’t changed.

Direct Link to the Policy System:


Direct Linking to Documents:

Every MOM document in the system is assigned a unique document ID number, called a "docid". For customers who wish to link directly to MOM documents, the following URL convention can be used:


Replace the ### in the URL with the actual "docid" number of the policy you are linking to.

For example, if the "docid" is 150, the URL would look like this:

You can find the "docid" of a document by going to the overview tab on the document properties (if you are a policy editor) or by opening the document and finding the "docid" in the URL as indicated below: